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Welcome to UK Here We Grow. This is a dedicated site for Gardening, Allotmenteering and Self sufficiency for the modern world. Here at Uk Here We Grow, we have a dedicated group of people who are committed to learning and teaching the knowledge that we have as a combined community. With platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube you can be assured you will get your answers on any aspect of plant identification, Garden design and landscaping. We also cover Self Sufficiency, Poultry, Bee Keeping, disease and pest control, allotmenteering,  Organic Produce and a whole lot more.

At www.ukherewegrow.com we strive to ensure that we make a community a happy place to be, This website will be the hub of our network which has been designed so that you can move between our other platforms easily. So if your looking for bee keeping, poultry keeping or just allotmenteering you will find dedicated sections. Visit the how to page and send us your special project builds We can help you become self sufficient if that is your interest, there is nothing like fresh organic produce to place on your dining room table each day.

I hope you take you time and look around our UK Here We Grow website I'm sure you will find the answers you seek. If not then come to one of our other platforms and search for UK Here We Grow and ask to join our communities there, or visit the groups channel page for direct links. 

Don't forget to sign up to our Newsletter we can send you tips and advice on what you should be doing each month. We do not pass or sell your details on to third parties

Fresh Organic Produce On The Table
Allotments can be very rewarding and provide you with fresh food all year round

All aspects of gardening

These Lilies were from the Cardiff RHS show

Advice on gardening, species identification, what when how to plant.



allotmenteering knowhow

We cover all aspects of Allotmenteering, From getting your very first plot to growing for show.


Poultry / Bee keeping

poultry and bee keeping

Covering all details on how to raise and keep poultry and bees. including building coops and hives.